Classroom Observation Essay — Recommendations for Students

Being a popular academic assignment, observation essays are the best way to improve your writing skills. The primary goal of this task is to observe or, to put it simply, practice writing about absolutely anything you see around you. If you are a high-school or college student, your teacher will most likely ask you to create the classroom observation essay. Keep in mind that this task is the easiest one there is, but if you deal with it for the first time, you might face some difficulties.

In your classroom observation paper, you are to observe your classroom and describe its different aspects. By creating this review, we intended to provide you with some useful tips which will help hone your writing skills.

How to Write a Classroom Observation Paper — Comprehensive Guideline

The first thing you should do before you start writing is to observe! Keep in mind that observing doesn’t only mean seeing. Your primary goal here is to let the reader experience sounds, sensations, smells — basically, anything which can help you convey the atmosphere of the place! If your goal is to create a top-notch classroom observation essay, it doesn’t mean you should describe the interior design — describe your classroom as a whole:

  • As a place where you study;
  • As a place where you spend time with friends:
  • As a place where you gain new experience and knowledge.

Teachers frequently ask students to write the observation essay is because it helps them evaluate their language skills, as well as their ability to observe and attention to details. Just observing individual elements is not enough because your goal here is to note how they work together. In the case of your classroom description, you need to show the interior design, the atmosphere, the role of your teacher in it, the sounds, the smells, etc.

Still wondering how to write a classroom observation paper? Check out our tips, and you’ll understand how to cover the topic properly:

  • Start with a catchy introduction. The best way to introduce your classroom is to describe your daily routine. However, you should grab the reader’s attention first, and the best way to do this is to start with questions, funny stories or anecdotes.
  • Writing the main paragraphs. Keep in mind that this task doesn’t require you to follow a strict structure. However, since this section is the meat of your paper your objective is to arrange your notes into a cohesive narrative. For instance, you may start with the description of a typical morning in the classroom (the sounds, smells, and sensations), followed by the description of the interior design and the role of your teacher.
  • Conclusion. This chapter should be no more than 150-200 words. In it, you can express your personal opinion, for example: What do you think of your classroom? Do you like it? Do you like spending time on it? That is the most appropriate section to do that.

If you wish to get the highest grade, you should always start writing with the outline.

Classroom Observation Essay Outline Sample

What is the goal of the outline? Firstly, it serves as a plan in which you specify what particular aspects you wish to describe in your essay. In other words, you need to make some notes and arrange them in a cohesive narrative.

Secondly, it informs the readers of what particular aspects you’ve covered in your essay.

To relieve stress related to this task, we’ve created a classroom observation essay outline which, hopefully, will help you organize your ideas efficiently.

Topic“My Classroom as My Second Home”

  1. Introduction. Grab the reader’s attention by introducing the topic of your essay.
  2. Body Paragraphs.
    • General Information (age and number of students studying here, a short description of the classroom, ethnic background information, etc.)
    • Describe the interior design of your classroom.
    • Describe your teacher and their techniques of classroom management. What does your teacher do to manage students’ behavior? What is the model of the student/teacher relationship?
    • What type of teaching activities does your teacher engage in? What kind of activities do you like most of all? What instructional strategies are used?
  3. Summary. You should provide the readers with your personal opinion regarding the topic. What do you think of your classroom? What do you like most of all? What is your overall impression of the classroom? Do you agree with the philosophy of your teacher? Keep in mind that you need to be objective when expressing your opinion.

As you can see, writing a classroom observation essay can be easy, and we hope our guidelines will help you to succeed with this assignment.