Preschool Observation Essay Step by Step

If you have been tasked with composing the preschool observation essay and you have no idea how to proceed, we highly recommend that you read this article. In it, you’ll find lots of valuable tips about your essay structure, as well a sample of the outline. We hope that this information will help you organize your thoughts and create a top-notch essay easily.

Tips on Writing an Observation Essay about a Preschool

Just as the name of the task suggests, the primary goal of the preschool observation essay is to observe an event, place or object and describe it in written form. Simply put, you need to visit a preschool and describe this place in your essay. Depending on the requirements of your teacher or your desire, your observation essay can be fact-finding neutral or emotionally arousing.

As is the case with any creative task, the preschool observation essay requires you to be very attentive to details, including the most inconspicuous ones. You should also be able to apply information derived from your sense organs correctly. If you deal with this assignment for the first time and have no idea what aspects to focus on, check out our tips and maybe they’ll help you understand where to start.

  • Visit the preschool.If you visit a preschool institution, describing it. Keep in mind that your goal is to describe this place most vividly.
  • Use sensory details.When students are given the task of creating the observation essay, they should mostly focus on details. If you want to create an informative essay about a preschool, you need to rely on all of your five senses to come up with a lively account of this educational establishment. Your goal is to draw the reader’s attention to such details as smells, atmosphere, and sounds. In other words, except for a detailed description of its design, you should also reveal the general mood of the place. What is your first impression? What does it feel like coming there? What is the role of the teacher? What are the most popular greeting rituals?
  • Always write in the present tense.That is the number one rule which you should always follow. When you write the preschool observation paper in the present tense, you will make the audience feel like they are actually visiting the place.
  • Use the appropriate language.Your future grade is contingent on the language you use, so try to be clear and precise. Keep in mind that the primary goal of this task is to provide the intended audience with a precise description of the preschool. Therefore, you should use as many details as possible. For example, if the air in the rooms smells bad, you should find a precise word which could describe that smell in the best possible way (e.g., stale or musty). If your writing skills are far from perfect and you can’t pick the right word, you can always use a thesaurus.

When you write about a preschool, you can also describe the traditions of the place. For instance, students enrolled there may play a game before breakfast or greet their teacher by reciting a rhyme. If you try to dig deeper, you’ll see that every preschool has some traditions which will help you make your essay unique.

Preschool Observation Essay Outline Sample

Being a creative task, the preschool observation essay doesn’t require you to observe a particular structure. However, you should always use the outline which primary goal is to help you organize your thoughts.

If you don’t know what aspects you should concentrate on in your essay about a preschool, check out our preschool observation essay outline.

Topic“My Preschool Observations”

  • Introduction. Your goal is to introduce the topic to the readers. Indicate what preschool you will describe, where it is located, etc.
  • Body paragraphs.
    1. Describe the building, its location, design of the rooms, etc.
    2. Interaction of children with teachers. You should describe the relationships between students and teachers. What do the teachers do to create a pleasant atmosphere for the students?
    3. Dramatic play. Children frequently take part in different dramatic plays. If you saw it during your visit to the preschool, you can describe it in your essay, too.
    4. Relationships between kids. What do they do when they play? How do they interact with each other?
    5. Describe the general atmosphere of the preschool. Do kids like studying there? What do teachers do to help children to adjust themselves?
  • Conclusion. This section should be devoted to expressing your personal opinion. What do you think of this place? Do you like it? Is it perfect or are there any areas which should be improved?

We wish you luck with your observation essay writing and hope our guidelines will come in handy.